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Best offer and quality service are achieved through good business cooperation with the representative offices of the manufacturer as well as the producers themselves (LENOVO, HPE, DELL, CISCO, INTEL, APC itd.). Our goal is to provide to our clients the best possible diagnostic, service, or installation service on their devices. Our clients are satisfied with our work and they always coming back and recommending us to other clients. The service time is from 08:30 to 16:30 h (Mon-Fri).

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We provide the service in a warranty and non-warranty period for all products purchased from us. For each service out of warranty you receive an offer by e-mail. Device failure report you can do by sending an application or by mail The report should include a detailed failure report, MODEL and S/N from devices or component.

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With high quality service, reliabilitiy, professionalism at work and with satisfied clients we trying to achieve and maintain competitiveness and customer trust. Especially through service we strive to apply and improve the efficiency of the quality management system, energy and safety in the work of the company.

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From the warranty period are excluded faults caused by improper use, mechanical damage, electric shock, poor power, elemental discomfort or higher power.


The warranty does not apply to consumables such as : print head, drum, tape, toner, battery, power fans, CPU coolers etc.


The warranty does not apply if is determined that the product has been opened by an unauthorized person, that non-original parts are built-in or that the control sticker is damaged.


It is necessary to provide working conditions with as little dust as possible, adequate relative humidity and without extreme temperature changes, as well to perform a regular cleaning of the computer. Usage from a UPS is recommended.

Bench Results: 2017 CPU Tests (Win10)
Rendering: CineBench 15 MultiThreaded Points (100% is 3500 – Higher is Better)
i9 7980XE
i9 7900X
i7 7820X
i7 6700K
i5 6600K
i3 6320