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Aruba Networks Announces Mobile Engagement

We’re excited to announce Aruba Mobile Engagement, the first enterprise-grade, end-to-end solution that integrates best-in-class enterprise Wi-Fi and location services with an industry-leading mobile app platform.

With Aruba Mobile Engagement businesses can create a location-aware mobile app for their venue or add features to the application already in use. Hardware and software mobile app management tools are built-in.

The solution, which integrates Aruba Beacons with the Meridian mobile app platform, lets you provide a wide range of location-based features through your mobile app:
• A glowing blue dot shows guests where they are on an indoor map of the venue.
• Indoor turn-by-turn directions guides guests nearby amenities.
• Push notifications engage guests with relevant offers and information based on personal preferences.

Click here to learn more about the solution.

Aruba Networks is publicly announcing this solution to build awareness and demonstrate market leadership. We will work with selective partners to ensure adequate enablement on the Mobile Engagement solution. We anticipate full enablement tools to be available early 2015 with the shipment of Aruba Beacons.

ARUBA: Higher Education

Campus-wide mobile networks that are designed for student success.

Campus-wide mobility, enabled by advances in enterprise Wi-Fi, gives students a better shot at success by improving collaboration and learning. And as universities and colleges break new ground in early technology adoption, the network has become the focal point for radical change.

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